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GoOver Products srl is born from the fusion of the technical and creative skills of a team of experts in graphic arts, to offer customers innovative technological solutions where digital meets communication.

3D Advertising
& Display

Video Brochure


Video brochure and  3D animation products are just some of the products we offer to capture the end user and involve him.

Thanks to the skills acquired and constant research on new technologies, GoOver Products srl today supports the client in every stage, from the first creative idea to the final distribution, to create products for every need, combining creativity, technology and marketing.

With One & Products srl the customer will find the ideal partner and the Know-How to develop and realize the communication project.

The Headquarter is a creative and production forge where artisan experience blends with technological innovation to give products of impeccable quality and respond to the needs of customers, increasingly digital and hyper-connected.

Imagine an advertisement that looks so real as to jump out of the print while the viewer passes by, offering a three-dimensional perspective. And if there was an announcement, a sign or poster that could give the sensation of being inside the scene to those who watch it, would this be considered something futuristic? For us all this is already reality.

Video brochures and exhibiting videos are one of the most innovative advertisement products. They are dynamic and innovative. Classic brochures are converted in order to give to the customer an interactive experience.




We identify the real needs of the client and give life to the creative idea by working with passion and determination taking care of the design.


From the idea to the product. We combine different knowledge and skills to create unique and innovative products.


We use the most advanced technologies to create innovative products by following all the production phases from conception to realization.


Lenticolart @ 58th Venice Biennale

Underwater Portrait Photography Exhibition by Gisele A. Lubsen in collaboration with Lenticolart by Goover Products.
Palazzo Zenobio, Sestriere Dorsoduro 2596 Venice
Opening: Monday 24th June, 6.00 pm
Lenticolart has been chosen to realize some works with the lenticular printing technique and give a result of great visual impact.
The artist with Lenticolart’s technology wanted to offer a new level of experience where the public is actively engaged in giving life to the work of art.

“It is an absolute honour to collaborate with Lenticolart, which will make Chloe Chloe, one of my most significant underwater works of art, three-dimensional. What excites me the most is being able to share Lenticolart’s innovative technique with my audience, involving them with the movement and three-dimensionality that I actually live underwater when I create my work.

Their revolutionary 3D technique will give new life to the work of art by attracting viewers into an interactive virtual reality, immersing them and making them participate in this environment. This technique brings a past experience into the present, and it is an honor for me to live it again.”

Gisele Lubsen

Lenticolart @ Boutique Fay

Display windows in the Fay boutique in Rome with Lenticolart visual solutions for the debut of the new creative director of the brand Arthur Arbesser.

Lenticolart @ Murano Glass Week Venezia 2018

Lenticolart by Goover Products presents Mauro Bonaventura’s 3D works in the suggestive location of the OroVetro furnace in Murano on the occasion of Murano Glass Week 2018.

Lenticolart @ Cersaie Bologna 2018

The stand of Corà Legnami during Cersaie 2018 was enhanced with 3D Lenticolart’s visual solutions by Goover Products.


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